Story of Flo

Say ‘hi’ to the father & son team, Henry and Gabriel Halimi, the founders of Flo Technologies. With hard work and dedication, they invented a water monitoring system that became a game changer in the field. Watch our video to meet our founders and witness their journey.

Meet Gabe and Henry

Meet The Founders,
Gabe and Henry

Almost ten years ago, Gabe and his father Henry went back home from vacation and faced a catastrophic water damage in their home.
That was one of the toughest days of their lives, but also the beginning of a great partnership, and a breakthrough in plumbing technology.

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That day, I came home first. I remember opening the front door and walking in. It took ten seconds for my eyes to adjust. It was literally raining in the middle of the living room! That day, my dad decided that he was going to solve that problem, once and for all.”

Gabe Halimi

Gabriel Halimi CEO / co-founder

Gabriel Halimi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Technologies. Prior to co-founding Flo Technologies with his father, Gabriel was an equity partner of a boutique real estate and business law firm in Beverly Hills, and then later joined Umami Burger restaurants as VP of Corporate Operations.

While in law school, Gabriel had two transformative experiences that ultimately led to founding Flo Technologies; he served as the Claims Manager for a plumbing manufacturing company with millions of dollars in product liability claims, and then later experienced first-hand the destruction of one such claim in his parents’ home. After a weekend away, he walked into a badly flooded home as a result of a toilet supply line failure. He spent the next two months living in a hotel while over $250,000 of damages were repaired. After his father invented the proprietary technologies in Flo, Gabriel jumped at the opportunity to help save others from the financial and emotional hardship his family suffered.

Gabriel lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Shirley, and their twins, Mia and Myer.

Plumbing hasn’t changed for generations. Cars have become intelligent, even our toasters are intelligent. Yet, one of the vital parts of our home, the water system, is as dumb as it was two hundred years ago!”

Henry Halimi

Henry Halimi co-founder / inventor

Henry Halimi is the inventor behind Flo’s proprietary technology. An inventor, manufacturer, mechanical engineer and mathematician, Henry has decades of experience working with industrial plumbing titans such as Calflex and Watts developing successful innovative plumbing products. His invention Flood Safe has sold over 18 million units to date. Henry understands what it takes to bring a product to market and with his experience as an Expert Witness for over a thousand insurance subrogation claim cases along with the devastation experienced in his own home due to a leak, he understands the problem (and solution) both personally and professionally.

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