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Guarantee Your Home’s Safety From Water Damage

Your home is safe with Flo by Moen!

The Flo by Moen System dramatically reduces the likelihood of catastrophic water damage in your home, which means we can stand behind you in a unprecedented way.

Water Damage Deductible Guarantee

Water Damage Deductible Guarantee

Use the Flo by Moen System as intended, and we’ll cover the cost of your insurance deductible in the unlikely event of catastrophic water damage.

For more info, see terms and conditions and a blog post from our CEO.

Proactive Monitoring + Water Concierge

Proactive Monitoring + Water Concierge

Our team of experts monitor your home and will proactively find solutions for you if they detect a problem. Live chat with our support team if you get notified of a water issue to get it resolved fast.

Enhanced Water Usage Data

Enhanced Water Usage Data

See your water usage by fixture and appliance use, historical consumption, and track against water saving goals.

Extended Product Warranty

Extended Product Warranty

Your Flo by Moen Device will come with an extended product warranty.

Insurance Verification Letter

Insurance Verification Letter

By installing a Flo by Moen Water Protection System for your home, you may save on your homeowner’s insurance. Flo Support will prepare customized letters for your insurance company verifying that your home is protected by the Flo by Moen System + FloProtect’s added security. (Available upon request)

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Flo by Moen Protect

($5 / month)


Proactive Alarms (including FloSense Technology)

Daily Health Tests (including FloSense Technology)

Auto + Remote Water Shutoff

Water Damage Guarantee*


Limited Product Warranty

1 year

3 years

Proactive Monitoring

Product Support

Water Usage by Fixture

Conservation Goal

Data Analytics



Live Chat Support

Water Concierge

Insurance Verification Letter

Add FloProtect to your Flo by Moen today!

You can easily add FloProtect coverage from your Flo by Moen account on user.meetflo.com. After you add FloProtect, you’re protected immediately you won’t be locked into long term contracts.


Interested in FloProtect for applications beyond Single Family Homes?

Learn more about FloProtect for multi-residential, HOA, property management, and other applications. Contact us to speak with our team for customized solutions.