Flo by Moen Smart Home Integrations

The latest smart home assistants, connected services, and smart hubs that work with Flo by Moen.

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Assistants (2)

Amazon Alexa

Alexa tells you your home’s water usage & about all of your pending alerts.

Do I have any pending alerts?

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Google Assistant

Monitor your water usage and any pending alerts with the help of Google Assistant.

How much water have I used this month?

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Connected Services (2)


Do more with Flo by Moen and connect with an ecosystem of other services through IFTTT.

If a critical alert occurs, send a Facebook message.

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Connect with hundreds of other useful services & smart devices on the Control4 platform.

Turn water valve on from any Control4 interface.


Smart Hubs (1)

Google Smart Home

Control your Flo by Moen device & check leak status using the Google Home app.

Ok Google, close Flo.

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